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Welcome to the official website of the Kaiser Frazer Owners Club International. Join the group of members who share a passion for all things Kaiser Frazer and acquire the chance to share time, knowledge, and memories with fellow members. Whether you have owned a KF automobile ever since your first car, or have recently discovered the appeal of these intriguing automobiles, along with their history, we invite you to scour the pages of this website to gain an extensive knowledge of what the Kaiser Frazer Owners Club is all about.

The Kaiser Frazer Owners Club was organized by nine individuals from Illinois and Wisconsin in 1959. They met in Chicago, Illinois with the idea to share technical knowledge and interest in K-F produced vehicles. An organization was then built around this concept for the benefit of those who own or are interested in Kaiser Frazer automobiles and their history.

The basic fundamentals of membership are a sincere interest in the cars’ preservation and also a friendly and fraternal attitude toward other interested members. It is not a requirement to own a K-F product. The K-F “hand of friendship” has grown to an international membership with participants in North and South America, Australia, Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Please be sure to check in often for constant website updates and to participate in the discussion forums to share or gain information about these cars. You can view upcoming KFOCI events whether they are the National Convention or Region or Division meets. If you have any interest in these cars, there is no greater resource than a membership with the KFOCI. Keep these great KF cars on the road!