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Henry J & Allstate Forum / Re: rear height
« Last post by alohagreen on Today at 10:46:28 AM »
our 53  on a SIDE note  whats the shock measure  fully pulled open and collapsed?, if you get a chance to put  a tape to it.

reason i ask is  i MIGHT cross the shock over to  the Monroe shocks that have coil springs already on them....

 i don't want air shocks just a little boost to ride height .( 1 er 2 inches MAX )

Kaiser Forum / Re: Temperature Gauge 53 Manhattan
« Last post by joefrazer on Today at 10:43:29 AM »
Either the sending unit is bad or there's a serious circulation issue present. Sending units usually fail and display the temp as very low so I doubt it's the unit.

Try bringing the car to temperature with the rad cap off and using a meat thermometer test the coolant temp. If it is 190 or less, assuming a thermostat is in place, then it could be the unit.

You could have a thermostat stuck partially closed as well. That would allow enough coolant to pass at idle but not at speed.
Kaiser Forum / Temperature Gauge 53 Manhattan
« Last post by sds501 on Today at 10:18:51 AM »
Anybody have experience with the Temp Gauge on a 53 Manhattan reading just below or in the red zone after about 5 miles of driving ?  It reads in the middle when idling.  The radiator was re-cored about 3 years ago and the water pump replaced per previous owner.  I've replaced the thermostat and cap.  Other gauges read correctly.  Any help would be appreciated.

Henry J & Allstate Forum / Re: Steering Wheel Repair
« Last post by ReggieFoote on Today at 09:57:36 AM »
I did the repair on my steering wheel. I had used a YouTube video for reference.

The Wimbledon White paint was the right color and my local automotive paint store made me up a 3oz bottle.

As far as checking the Forum Archives, you are correct. I should know better as I've belonged to other clubs and used their Archives.

Appreciate the responses and comments.

Kaiser Forum / Re: Interior Project 1949 Kaiser
« Last post by Logan on Today at 07:41:35 AM »
Are you hosting them on an external site?  If so, are they still visible on that site?
Kaiser Forum / Re: Interior Project 1949 Kaiser
« Last post by JoeKeys2010 on Today at 07:07:29 AM »
At one time I could see the pictures but can only see the last one now.  Not sure what happened.
Darrin Forum / Re: Darrin Medallion Sign
« Last post by Terry T on Today at 05:31:58 AM »
very nice sign
1947-48 Kaiser heaters were listed as a HJ factory accessory for a short time in the 1951 model year.  If a dealer had them in stock they could have put them in a 1952, 53 or 54 HJ.  Judging has to decide on this as a lot of earlier Kaiser and Frazer items--including radios--were recycled into later model year cars.  Check KFOCI HANDBOOK Accessories sections for this information.
Wire wheels were not used on a J...but they do look good!

The outside mirror is not correct, it looks more like something for a truck application.

The tail light inserts (where the 51 lights mounted) should be chrome fillers with a "K" on them.

The dash mounted heater and defroster switches to the right of the speaker grille are not correct. Both are from a 47-48 Kaiser.
Printed out all the comments, quite discouraging the price that people are selling their cars for, I have an all vinyl Dragon and when we went the total route, body off etc. the money in exceeded $20,000 . i have an other one in the yard that will go to the scrap recycling in 2 weeks the only thing i will salvage is the drip rail chrome and the gold plated trim in really good condition and the power steering.
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